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An estimated $900 billion is spent annually by consumers on seasonal events, gifts and non-gift purchases such as event décor. The growth in the events realm can be attributed to the growing trend for experiences. Millennials, who make up one third of the US population today are fueling the “experiential” boom. In addition to quelling their fear of missing out (commonly known as FOMO) and addressing a need to de-device, the majority of Millennials believe that by attending or hosting events they become more connected to other people and generate a feel-good sense of community. Experiential events, by nature, are rich in sensory cues such as sight, sound, touch and taste, so not surprisingly, events are also great for sharing on social media.


Given the rise in events and the ever-increasing spend on all things experiential, now is the perfect time to get into an area of eventing that offers both fun and financial reward: balloon décor.

Sources: National Retail Federation 2018, EventBrite Survey 2018


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