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Illustrative 3D store rendering

Balloon Kings® is a brick and mortar business which accepts a combination of in store walk-in sales, phone and online orders.

Each Balloon Kings® location is designed to streamline the client experience and maximize staff productivity, while optimizing associated building and rental costs.

Locations require just 500 usable square feet of space to support all in-store operations including a sales desk, balloon storage, inflation stations, a staging area, an employee pantry, a lavatory, and an optional private office.

Our Balloon Kings® design team will be there to assist you in your new store design! They will provide furniture, finishes, lighting, millwork details, and equipment specifications. They will also assist with facilities management to help simplify maintenance of your new store, so you can focus on business!


While Franchisees are responsible for adhering to Federal and local laws (and associated building codes), Balloon Kings® design team has experience with international guidelines for accessibility, energy, and construction and is there to assist with interior development and renovations.


Example Store Mock-Ups

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