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Balloon King's Goals for 2020

With 2019 ending, Balloon King's has done a lot of thinking on this year's goals for the Kingdom.  2019 was a big year for Balloon Kings and we want to ensure that 2020 exceeds our past year's achievements.  

In 2019, Balloon Kings broke last year’s sales by 15%, as an all time high for our one retail store in the Upper West Side of Manhattan.  We have worked with numerous high profile celebrities and companies such as Kelly Ripa, Ryan Seacrest, Pretty Little Thing, Eos, and so much more.  Balloon Kings has introduced new innovation into our world with state of the art balloon fixtures this past year.  We now can make letters out of balloons using frames, as well as Christmas tress, unicorns, and much more.  This past year Balloon Kings has made the most creative balloon structures from garlands, balloon cielings, and arches.  We have trained and become family with many new team members, who have exceeded our expectations of hardwork and dedication to the Balloon King's family and mission.  Balloon Kings is so proud of the things we have achieved this year.  

Balloon King's has already started working towards our goals for 2020.  Balloon King's is working hard on more website development, directing costumers to the website for placing orders and making the website more detailed for better customer service.  Balloon Kings has already posted more extravagent bouquets and arrangements to the website that include 12 balloons prearranged for less hustle for our busy customers.  To expand on website development, Balloon Kings wants to interact more with our customers in 2020 via social media, educating them on the overall benefits, especially the eco-friendly benefits balloons can bring to any event.  Balloon Kings wants to do more promotion of our blog, expanding our readers. Lastly, Balloon Kings this year in 2020 wants to expand the Kingdom officially.  Balloon Kings has been working hard, attending franchise shows and marketing our business as a franchise.  We believe that this year will be our lucky year, and bring Balloon Kings closer to all our customers and potential customers. In 2020, Balloon Kings will continue to market harder of our franchise opportunity more than ever to allow our customers to be able to enjoy balloon happiness whereever they are.  Our franchise website is constantly being updated with new information for any of your questions and our staff is ambitious to aid anyone with further questions, regarding our franchise opportunity.    Balloon Kings will make 2020 our year of greater achievements, even better than the blessings that 2019 had brought us.


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