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Balloon King's Training and Support- We Want You To Be Successful

Balloon Kings® was founded in 2011 in New York City as a brick and mortar retailer with online sales, and has been franchising since 2018. A Balloon Kings® franchise is easy and fun. We offer a simple and turnkey system that values personality over professional experience. That’s why Balloon Kings® looks for franchise candidates who are passionate, personable, and party savvy.

Site Selection

It is all about location!  Where you open your Balloon Kings will determine your audience.  The first Balloon Kings is located in the Upper West Side of Manhattan and has grown a reliant customer base.  This location gave us the means to have the benefit of people walking in from the street and people calling or doing online orders.  We will help find your best location for a Balloon Kings store most convenient for you.

Store Design and Construction

The design of the Balloon Kings store is very important.  We want every store to be functional and fun.  The Balloon Kings through experience knows what would work best for your store and has a design concept ready at hand.  The Balloon Kings storefront gives customers the ability to come into the store and pick out a handful of balloons choosing from our 81,000 different options in stock or order online a balloon arch, column, or garland for a huge event.  We want our customers to feel the balloon options are endless.  

Production, Sales, and Management

Balloon Kings wants our customers to receive the best products and customer service possible.  We’ll give you insight on how we make that happen on a daily basis, from best practices of production to the formula of creating an amazing sale to the management behind the scenes.  

Product and Inventory System

Balloon Kings has over 81,000 balloon options on hand.  The system Balloon Kings has created to keep the balloons easy to access and locate has changed the entire dynamic of the store.  We file our balloons by category in a file cabinet and label each folder with the name of the balloon you are looking for.  This process is an easy way to maximize the space of a relatively small store.  


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