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Balloons and Networking

Networking is a huge part of growing Balloon Kings into the Kingdom it is today. Having a close relationship with customers is what keeps them coming back to Balloon Kings. We want our customers to trust us to bring their craziest dreams to life. Networking at every opportunity is how Balloon Kings has gained the client base it has in Tri-state area and more. We use events such as the International Franchise Expo to gain potential franchisees, and gain customers, as well as connecting with party planners, local retailers, and restaurants. In order to network, you must spread the happiness of Balloon Kings and the amazing work we do, as well as mention our franchising opportunity. Explaining to customers what we do at the store, our dynamic, makes visiting the store and calling us a fun time! We carry out our word, which allows customers to tell their friends, family, and neighbors, “Balloon Kings is the place to go for all your balloon needs!” and that is how the Kingdom grows. Having good relationships with your community and customers is a significant part of any business, but this has been a category Balloon Kings strives in! We love to see our customers happy and not waiting to return that is why children get a free latex balloon when they come in to the store to visit, as well as any furry friend! We want our community to love having us in the neighborhood, just as much as we appreciate them! Balloon Kings has also used our instagram to grow our Kingdom! Sharing what happiness we create has brought people from all over the world to visit our store and see the magic first hand. This is what Balloon Kings is all about. Remember, networking is key to running a Balloon Kings Kingdom, this will bring big projects and constant fun!

Shout out to Patrick Clayton for giving us another amazing opportunity to do what we do best and love!


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