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Franchise Training Program

When you are apart of the Balloon Kings franchise our Kingdom will assist you every step of the way. Our extensive training program will prepare you for every situation and answer any question you may have about this new experience. We want to ensure that you feel well-equipped to run your very own Kingdom.  

Our franchise training program includes 7 to 10 days of fun and intense hands-on training at the main Kingdom with King Gene. Since you are buying into a proven model, you will see first-hand how this model works efficiently and how it is the only way to have a Kingdom.  This training program will include breakdowns on inflation, production, administration, and in-store marketing.  Not only during this time be essential for learning the ins and outs of our well-oiled machine, this will also be mentored by King Gene on various topics. The Franchise Opener Checklist, which includes videos, PDFs, and a task list for setting up your online marketing, hiring staff, sales training, and licensing will all be aspects King Gene will walk you through.  We want this experience to as beneficial as possible, and welcome you into our Balloon Kings family.  

When the time comes for your in-person training experience, you will be given materials to aid and prepare you for training. This will include extensive information about what to expect in the upcoming training week.  We want you to feel comfortable and excited for this experience. The main goal of the franchise training program is for you to finish the week feeling confident, supported, and embrace the Balloon Kings Culture.  

We will wrap off the week with a celebration of your new endeavor and acceptance into the Kingdom, by pronouncing you King or Queen of your very own Balloon Kings! Even after the completion of your training, you will have 24/7 assistance with our team to answer any on-going questions you may have. We want you to feel as though, your support team is right in your back pocket.  


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