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International Franchise Expo 2019

Updated: Aug 17, 2019

Balloon Kings attended the International Franchise Expo for a third time this year at the Javit’s Center. Balloon Kings is excited to expand the kingdom, and bring more balloon happiness nationwide. This year’s International Franchise Expo was a great networking experience, as well as showcasing the over the top creations we are capable of. It left people wondering, “How can balloons even do that!?!” Our goal was to have everyone remembering Balloon Kings!

Over the past three years Balloon Kings and the team have been working hard to begin the franchise process. It has been important to have patience, consistency, and the right attitude to have a franchise business across all team members. Patience that good things are coming for Balloon Kings. Consistency in our brand and our product. And the right attitude of gratitude and happiness for Balloon Kings as we embark on this new journey together. These traits are all things Balloon Kings has perfected in order to expand the kingdom. Our environment is a fun, upbeat, happy work space that makes going to work anything but a chore. Our team wants to see Balloon Kings achieve, and be all that it is capable of being.

Balloon Kings will continue to be at the International Franchise Expo for years to come, as we never get tired of telling the world, what is Balloon Kings. We want to continue to spread the word of Balloon Kings and change people’s perspective on the franchise industry. With a Balloon Kings franchise, work will just be another great day! You can bring people joy to their greatest achievements and special moments, as well as be your own boss. We want our franchise owners to be in a space that is creative and family-oriented and we will assist them along the way.

Balloon Kings is beyond excited for what is to come, in regards to our kingdom. We hope with the press and interest we received from this year’s International Franchise Expo Balloon Kings will be in cities near you very soon!


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