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It Takes a Kingdom To Make Balloon Happiness

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Balloon Kings is not a one man show.  A Kingdom of ten dedicated and hard-working knights is all you need to make balloon happiness come to life.  Balloon Kings functions with the help of all team members, from delivery drivers, balloon decorators, and sales associates.  One team member is not more important than another; we need all team members to execute their job in order to run a well-oiled machine.  One part of our secret to having effective teamwork is that all team members can contribute to the search for solutions on the basis of their knowledge and experience. Adequate training at Balloon Kings is a pre-requisite for the usefulness of such contributions. When a team member knows exactly how to do his/her job and has practical experience doing the work, he/she has information that is valuable to the team and he/she becomes a valued member. This is why when you hire our services you can count on us for a highly-trained and over-qualified team. Proving also the best customer service, which is why Yelp is saying, “People love Balloon Kings!”.  Our team will make sure your event is exactly as you dreamed it to be.  You dream it, we make it happen! It’s that simple! 

In the video, you will see that a production line is the best way to execute our projects.  Everyone has a job and together we can execute projects with the upmost efficiency and speed.  Balloon Kings loves every team member and appreciates all they do to help us be the best Balloon retail-store and delivery service in New York City.   We want to continue growing our Kingdom, so check out our franchise web-page!  Under Blogs, you can find out what it takes to be Balloon Kings franchise owner!  

A party without balloons is just a meeting! :) 


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