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Our Clients

When you work with Balloon Kings, you can never only work with them once. Once we show our customers the kind of work we can do, they are always asking for more, and we are more than happy to do so.

Our customers enjoy working with us because we are forward thinkers of the entire event. We understand that we are just a piece of the puzzle, for overall decor and how it fits in with check-in area, cocktail hour, stages, presentation, etc; from loading in to installation, which could include, load-in, any additional on-site inflation and timing of installation and what parts get installed first to last.

For example, we did a huge, unique balloon chandelier structure for Chick Mission last year, that had them asking for us once again. And of course, we left them speechless a second time. Our hard-working and dedicated team used feathers, gold orbz and our popular gold latex balloons to create something a little different.

Balloon Kings prides itself on doing first-class balloon work, no matter the customer. This is because our team knows one event, turns into more events and that is how the kingdom continues to flourish. We love when companies with a good mission, and creative ideas come to us for their events, so we can bring those ideas to life and spread their message, as well.

For Chick Mission, we used feathers in the arrangement, which we don’t do very often and that kept our team excited. Balloon Kings loves working with people in our community, and that is why we work with some of the biggest name-brand companies in the area. We want to continue to work with companies whose messages we are more than happy to spread through our art.

Balloon Kings is not only you’re one-stop shop for single balloons and birthday bouquets, we are you’re event decor wonder-store, that can create a masterpiece using thousands of balloons.

Thank you again Chick Mission for working with us again! It is always a pleasure — and an honor with such a noble and meaningful cause.


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