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Routine Accounts

In order to increase sales, network, and grow your business routine/monthly accounts are essential.  These types of accounts guarantee busy and income on a routine basis keeping your staff and business working hard.  Establishing positive relationships with routine clients such as dealerships, schools, grocery stores, or other chain/franchise style stores, is very important in this line of business.  Positive relationships will allow these clients to return back to you weekly and/or monthly wanting balloons for every event, opening, anniversary, etc.  They will also share your excellent work with others looking for balloon decor for their business.  

Yes, Balloon Kings takes one-time orders from any customer (who always return for a birthday, anniversary, or baby shower), but Balloon Kings also works with many of the same large name community businesses over and over again.  Documenting our work over time with the same businesses, show our customers we are reliable in our presentation and production that these accounts love our work so much they only use us.  Balloon Kings posts our finished products on our Instagram and Facebook, and this shows customers who to go to when it comes to balloons and balloon decor, Balloon Kings, of-course!  

As franchisees of Balloon Kings you will not have to worry initially about establishing your first routine accounts in your franchise area, as if the head Kingdom has routine accounts already in your area those will now become your accounts.  These routine accounts will now become your responsibility to grow a positive relationship and continue to give them high quality balloon happiness.  

Balloon Kings has grown as fast as it has, partly because of routine accounts.  Routine accounts continue to watch the unique and complexity of our balloon happiness grow and they will grow with you, requesting decor that will test your creativity.  This is also why routine accounts are essential to the Kingdom.  

Balloon Kings wants routine accounts to be a decent part of your Kingdom, as well as other aspects such as in-store customers, families, and large events for community members.   


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