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The Big Balloon Projects

Balloon Kings does huge, extravagant balloon projects for name-brand companies all the time. Huge projects that take hours of dedication and thousands of balloons, should be the opposite of overwhelming, this should be a fun and bonding experience for you and your staff.  That is why the Balloon Kings franchise staff will help you as much as possible. We will show you the best ways to train your staff to make big projects, your best projects.  All franchise owners are more than welcome to come to the store and watch how one balloon turns into a masterpiece of hundreds of balloons. We want you to create a kingdom that is family, and we are your extended kingdom helping you along the way. With your hand picked and trusted team, they will be more than capable to execute big projects. Balloon Kings believes production lines are the best ways to execute these projects. Knowing what each team member is best at and assigning them to a task will make a complex finishing project, look simple. Big balloon projects are what will put your store on the map. Uploading pictures of the event on social media such as Instagram and your website, will get potential customers around you talking about how they need balloons from Balloon Kings for their next party.  People will know who to go when they need small balloon bouquets or a huge balloon tornado, Balloon Kings is the answer. Balloon Kings uses a secret recipe that we will share with all franchise owners that make projects like garlands, organic walls, balloon mosaics, etc. as hassle free as it gets. Understanding time, number of team members necessary, the step by step process, and dedication are all things Balloon Kings will assist you with. With our support after your first big project is done, you will be more than ready for more.  


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